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Rose Love Psalms of Love


Rose Love
Psalms of Love


The Spirit of Faith・Psalms of Love

Diana Zhang, the world's first Asian female fine jewelry designer debut in the Biennale des Antiquaires, has been full of longing and enthusiasm for artistic creation since childhood and curiosity has driven her pursuit of beauty in all forms. In the past two years, the pandemic and the recurrence of panic disorder made Diana being thankful to everything that was taken for granted in the past. With the love of her family and her trust in the Father, Diana successfully went through the hard times. And after precipitating her mind, she created 7 pieces of a new collection of cross, combining artistic creation and inspiration from the stories and words in the Bible.

“Undivided Love” - Love is the union of souls

Inspired by God's creation of people in Genesis - you are the bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh, and the hearts are meant for each other just like chopsticks. This beautiful piece expresses the inseparable love between husband and wife in the eyes of God. A cross covered in diamonds is featured in the middle of chopsticks-shaped jewelry. It symbolizes the blessing of God and the connection in love between husband and wife

"Gethsemane Garden" - Love is sharing God's love to the world

The piece describes the scene of Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane after the last supper. Jesus had to face pain, fear, and struggle in the mission just like a human being, but he still asked the Father to fulfill according to God's will instead of his own will in his prayer.

When Diana visited the garden of Gethsemane, she saw that there were four small crosses in the middle of a big cross on the gate. She was deeply moved by the spreading love of the Father and this beautiful piece was created.

"Eternal Love" - Love is when You are the same yesterday, today, and forever

Inspired by three nails on the crucifixion of Jesus, the piece features a cross and nails. The sharpness of the nails symbolizes giving and sacrifice, showing that God so loved the world and gave his precious life to cleanse all our sins. From then on, we embrace the eternal love of the Father. The love is unconditional and unreserved. He loves you deeply, as always, as will.

"God is with Us" - Love is the absence of fear because You are with me

God is with us. The blade pendant fully covered of black diamonds is inlaid with a cross adorned in white diamonds. The design symbolizes that we beat fears of any dangers and all challenges because God is always with us.

“Amazing Grace” - Love is celebrating victories with You

The diamond-encrusted rhombus in the piece symbolizes the sand mountain, which means that grace is countless like grains of sand, accumulating like a mountain. Whether it is the mountains or valleys of life, our heavenly Father is always with us. You are my shield and support, and finally lead me to celebrate the triumphal feast.

"Love Never Ends" - Love is forever

Variety of gemstones and white diamonds to create a cross with a happy and warm atmosphere, bringing out an imagination like a child's mood in a candy store and doesn't want to stop this joy. Inspiration comes from the words about love in the Bible, “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things”. Love never stops.

"Full of Blessings" - Love is living in Your abundant blessings

A cross formed by 4 blooming petals symbolizes that the love of the Father blooms like a captivating flower in his heart and sings in his eternal love. He fills our cups to overflowing with blessings and love all our life, and we live in the love of the Father forever. This stunning piece ends the whole collection with love and joy. Diana wishes people can find their own love and be immersed in God's love. Recognize yourself, cherish and accept your true self unconditionally. Keep a calm, safe and happy heart anywhere. Diana writes a hymn of praise to the Heavenly Father by her jewelry designs! Praise all the glory to the Father. As always, each diamond of all Diana’s pieces is in D -F color and VS clarity with the craftsmanship of fine jewelry. Every diamond sparkles its brightest side under the refraction of light, just as each of us to be the best of self in God's love. Every gemstone is chosen by herself and strives for excellence. She believes that every jewelry piece will carry her life and the love of the collectors from generation to generation. It speaks a timeless classic.

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