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Rose Petal Earrings                                    

18K Gold                                          


 Limited 30 pieces


* Special Order *


Rose Love Collection


Diana thinks roses are full of the feeling of love,

Roses are full of enthusiasm, vitality, romance and dreams, just like Paris.

I believe that both love and roses have different stages and mentality.

To people who are 20 years old, love is like a rose in bud which is full of dreams, passion and romance. If you are 30, love will be like petals that are flying in the rain. They learn from the ideal and reality, so that they can dance in the air. Love is like a butterfly in 40 years old. We know what do we want and how to achieve them, so that when each petal condensed together, it will become a butterfly and lead you fly in the air.   

Rose Petal Earrings with Diamonds

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