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Summer - Lotus After The Rain


Lotus flower has long enjoyed the fame “She comes from the ooze, yet remains stainless. Though baptized by ripples, she stands modest”. It describes the females who don’t drift with the current. The designer was impressed by lotus flowers on one trip. After the downpour, all things were washed clean. The air smelled fresh. The rain left on lotus flowers and leaves glittering dew which refracted golden light. This unforgotten scene inspired the designer to record the moment by lotus flowers filled with rain and dew.

he lotus lives in water, its petals carrying water drops and flowers facing the sky with an indifferent, determined attitude and aloofness from the worldly success. That the lotus focuses more on its own moral uplift makes it more refined and tasteful.

A unique piece of jewelry . . .

Lotus After The Rain Black2.jpg


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