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Year - Royal Bamboo


Bamboo is one of the plants with the strongest vitality. Poet Cen Shen in Tang Dynasty wrote. “In the tough winter with withered grass and leaves, only the green bamboos grow robustly.” It praises bamboos as green as usual even in the frigid weather. Therefore, the designer chooses to end with the evergreen bamboos.

The Chinese people believe bamboos are psychic. In the Cantonese culture, there is a kind of lucky bamboo symbolizing fortune and good luck. People love to use six or eight bamboo plants to pray for good fortune and booming business. Six and eight are very lucky numbers in the Chinese culture, since the Chinese “eight” sounds like “Fa”-which means to make a fortune.

The designer used the 8.88ct yellow diamond associated it with Chinese lucky bamboos. Cutting a part of the original diamond to help complete a “triple 8” lucky bamboo plants, four “eight” implies lifetime fortune.

A unique piece of jewelry . . .

Royal Bamboo Black1.jpg


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