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Autumn - Dancing Red Leaves


Falling leaves signifies the coming of autumn, and the city changes its presence during the season. Wandering on the falling leaves with a crispy sound, we all know that autumn is here.

The red leaves over the mountains under the Great Wall compose magnificent panorama in Beijing during the autumn. Moving along with the breeze, the wave of velvet red leaves create a stunning scenery in a sunny day.

Red is a lucky colour in Chinese culture and it is widely used in celebrations from the old days up till now. Autumn is also a harvest time and red leaves symbolize the most traditional and richest Chinese culture.

The Falling Red Leaves collection is made of diamond cut pink sapphires with the finest color, together with two 3 ct E/VS1 white diamonds to represent falling leaves and crystallized fruits respectively.

A unique piece of jewelry . . .

79081006_Dancing Red Leaves_1_Black.jpg


. . . individual pieces detached

Plum Blossom Bangle Black1.jpg
Dancing Red Leaves Earring_B.jpg


Dancing Red Leaves Ring.jpg


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