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Spring - Orchid King


Orchid is always a symbolic character of gentlemen chanted by Chinese scholars. Inspired by Su Dongpo's poem " Orchid, with its king fragrance, grows in the deep valley. While a few are blooming in the early spring, even their sprigs are as fresh as if newly watered”, this collection beautifully depicts the silhouette of branches and buds of fresh orchids in spring. The spring orchid is highly regarded as the king of flower because of its scented aroma. Blossoming orchids and maturing buds softly hang on the greenery to illustrate a graceful and natural touch of nobility. Diana has spent two years of valuable time for hunting the most exceptional emeralds and diamonds for this collection.

The extraordinary "Orchid King" necklace is composed of three no-oil collectible Columbia emeralds of 6.20 ct, 4.08 ct and 1.98ct respectively, and accompanied by more than 5,500 diamonds and 2,700 tsavorites setting on a colourful enamelled flower bezel in titanium and 18K gold. "Orchid King" necklace can be detached as a brooch, a choker and hair accessory to match different occasions, offering a sense of sophisticated elegance. It also represents the nobility, amity, perfection, freedom and independence of Venus.

A unique piece of jewelry . . .



… individual pieces detached

Plum Blossom Bangle Black1.jpg
79081021_Orchid King Necklce_3_Black copy.jpg


79081021_Orchid King Necklace_2_Black copy.jpg


79081021_Orchid King Necklace_4_Black copy.jpg


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