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The first Asian female jewellery designer Debut in the 27th Paris Biennale des Antiquaires 2014.


Born in Northeastern China, Diana Zhang moved to Guangzhou with her family to embrace the business opportunities made possible by China’s reform and open door policy in the 1980’s. Post Cultural Revolution China offered its people a brave new world, and the teenage Diana was particularly inspired by fashion, jewellery and art, the beginning of a lasting desire to pursue art.

Diana has long set her mind at being a jewellery artist. Lacking formal training, she observed, researched and taught herself the necessary skills, developing her exceptional aesthetics along the way. It turned into a serious hobby, and eventually a lifetime career.

Diana single-mindedly pursues beauty in all forms, and uses it to channel her emotions. She festivities in the process of creation, giving birth to unique works of art that brands her one of the rising stars in the world of jewellery.

Diana is a perfectionist who is persistent in the pursuit of aesthetics.


Diana is a perfectionist who is persistent in the pursuit of aesthetics. But it can be a glory and a barrier at the same time. She believes that wild ideas should not be restrained in her designs, but such counters thought also runs against the traditions and consume most of her time in finding solutions. Every diamond and gem is selected by her personally and she pays particular attention to Colour, Clarity and Cut. When selecting small for the mounts, Diana only accepts high clarity and color grades. Since it is difficult to find the best gems and to address all the manufacturing issues at the same time , the turnaround of production is approximately six months to two years.

In 2013, at Baselworld in Switzerland, Diana met Cyrille de Foucaud, the CEO of the renowned French jewellery outlet “Martin Du Daffoy”. Having a common interest in jewellery and works of art, they became friends and started working together. In a trip to Hong Kong, Cyrille de Foucaud visited Diana's workshop and greatly appreciated her amazing designs. As a jewellery specialist , he was impressed by Diana's designs which he found innovative and easy to wear, showcasing an exceptional and alternative luxury in the setting of each masterpiece through her counter-ideas. Foucaud then invited Diana to participate in Martin Du Daffoy at the world famous Paris Biennale des Antiquaires in 2014. She was the first female asia jewellery designer presented in this event, illustrating to her designs at the Grand Palais alongside classic names such as Boucheron, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and many others with over hundred years of history .

Since the 1950s in the last century, the Paris Biennale des Antiquaires assembles leading works of art specialists , jewelers and artists from all over the world. They showcase their exceptional masterpieces created with super craftsmanship, creativity and proficiency. Many of the masterpieces are showcased for the first time ever in the event. With passion on jewellery design, Diana has successfully made her debut in this event to demonstrate the feminine influence. Themed “One Year in China”, she combined the essence of traditional Chinese culture and international craftsmanship and presented her design inspired by Winter Plum Blossom, Spring Orchid, Summer Lotus, Autumn Red Leaves and Year Lucky Bamboo in front of all connoisseurs and design elites worldwide, illustrating the aesthetics of Chinese classical beauty as a Chinese female designer.

Diana works are appreciated by many international celebrities, including French former first lady Bernadette Chirac and many others. Mr. Francois Curiel, chairman of Christie's Asia Pacific admired Diana work’s and further said, “I get very moved by appreciating Diana’s impressive work. Diana is unlike any other in the current market, her work is distinctive with several personal elements: how classy meets modern, is simply elegant but not exaggerated. It is hard to make yourself into a world-class exhibition, only a few people have been able to step into this threshold but Diana did perfectly.”

Here are some personal thoughts from Diana herself!
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